What is Automachef?

Automachef is a puzzle indie videogame currently in development. In Automachef you will have to build automated kitchens for a restaurant, combining conveyor belts, robotic arms, computers, food processors and much more. Your boss will be a robot who thinks he’s a human and wants to become a fast food tycoon with your help. After all, human intelligence is betterĀ than artificial intelligence for some tasks!

What platforms will Automachef be available on?

Automachef will be released for Windows and Linux / SteamOS. Maybe there will be some other platforms, stay tuned for future announcements!

When will the game be released?

We still don’t have a release date. It looks like it will be in mid 2019, though!

Will this game run on my computer?

Most likely, yes. We believe it won’t require a very powerful system in order to run smoothly.

Where will I be able to buy the game?

The game will be sold on Steam and The Humble Store when it’s released.

What game engine does Automachef use?