Development Update #13


A completely new challenge. Now some restaurants will include a drive-thru, which means you will have to deliver those orders in the same, well… order… that they were placed. But don’t forget to take care of the dine-in customers as well!

Performance improvements

We’ve been hard at work and managed to improve the performance of the game in a significant way! Reduced draw calls, lower memory usage and less CPU load mean that Automachef runs better than ever before!

Machines failures

The game runs better than ever but some of the machines seems to be having trouble. Run assemblers in the high speed mode or put liquid pumps to the highest speed setting and bad things might happen! Make sure you have a Mechanic Mechanic close to fix them when things go awry.

New exciting machines

Say hello to the Convection Fryer and the amazing AC-32 general purpose computer, with more memory and a higher code capacity than its predecessor. Another fine addition is the Advanced Order Reader, which can do some pretty impressive stuff! We’ve also added a new Large Storage Tank for liquids… But you probably don’t care that much about it, right?