Development Update #9

Liquid Ingredients: A new challenge!

The new Liquid Ingredients feature is now ready! The very first recipe that requires the use of this new game mechanic is the Ultimate Dog, a hot-dog covered in grated cheese, ketchup and mustard. Get ready to fill your kitchen with storage tanks, pumps and pipes!

More forgiving game over conditions

In previous versions of the game you would get a game over screen as soon as you messed up. Now your restaurant has a ‘reputation’ indicator that degrades every time something bad happens, like missing a customer’s order or starting a fire. You will still lose if your reputation reaches 0%, though!

Warnings for misconfigured machines

Sometimes you forget to specify a recipe in your Assembler or to add rules to your Order Reader. Now you will get a handy warning icon reminding you to do configure your machines correctly!

What else is being cooked?

More tutorials, more recipes, more ingredients, more levels… Basically, more of everything! Oh, and more puns, like with the new level that introduces you to liquid ingredients: Level 15, titled Pipe Dream. We apologize if our humor makes you feel puncomfortable. That was the last one, we swear. Nah… Actually, it was the punultimate.