Development Update #8

A new alternative to fight fires

In the latest build of the game we’ve added a new, low-cost alternative to fight those pesky fires: the Sprinkler. It’s cheaper than the Firefighter Robotic Arm, but it gets all ingredients in the area wet, ruining them.

Level objectives panel

We’ve also added a handy panel on the right side of the screen to remind players the current level objectives. Also, if they click on the names of the dishes, they will immediately get the recipes book showing how to prepare them! Neat, isn’t it?

New save/load window

Now players have up to 5 different slots in each level to save their designs instead of just one, complete with a preview of the layout and some of their stats.

What else is being cooked?

The next big thing we’ll add to the game is the brand new liquid ingredients feature! Storage tanks, pumps, pipes, mixers… All of them are being added to Automachef soon to make things even more challenging!