Development Update #6

Bacteria everywhere!

A brand new game mechanic that makes everything more challenging: some raw ingredients contain dangerous bacteria that spread if you don’t follow good hygiene practices. If a customer received a meal with dangerous microorganisms in it, it’s game over!

Localization support

Exciting news! We’ve been working really hard and now the game has everything it needs in its code to be translated to any number of languages! We have also finished the Spanish translation in order to run some tests and all went fine, so more languages to come soon!

New Part: Packaging Machine

A brand new machine has arrived! This small contraption has the amazing superpower of putting food into small cardboard boxes. Pretty neat, huh?

You are definitely going to need this machine if you intend to serve Fries, Fried Chicken or Combo Meals to your customers. 🙂

New cars and environment objects

We’ve refined the environments that surround kitchens and added several new cars going through the streets to make things more interesting.

Brand new settings window

Yes, you’re right, settings windows *are* boring. But they are essential too! How else would you be able to change the camera movement speed or the music volume? Huh?