Development Update #4

Blueprints are here!

We’ve added a crucial new feature to Automachef: now you can save a set of machines as a blueprint that you can then use again, in the same level or otherwise. This allows players to save lots of time when building their automated kitchen by reusing techniques they already know that¬†work.¬†Check out the video!

Alerts system

Another useful brand new feature in Automachef is a alerts system that lets you know when something bad is happening in your kitchen. Maybe you’re using lots of electricity, maybe there’s spoiled food about to be delivered, maybe a customer’s order is about to expire… You’ll never miss anything!

Collapsible level progress bar

The level progress bar can now be collapsed so you have more screen real estate to watch what’s happening in your kitchen!

What else is being cooked?

Several new levels with new ingredients and dishes are on their way! Also, we’ll start working on mod support and disasters like fires or insects roaming around your kitchen!