Development Update #3

Faster food (but not necessarily fresher)

The main new feature we’ve been working on during the past few days is the brand new food display counter. Now your finished dishes are placed there until someone orders them, so you can prepare the meals in advance and serve your customers faster!

More redesigned kitchen parts

The good old electric grill and the fryer have received their overdue redesign and now look better than ever!

A brand new gameplay video

If you haven’t seen it yet, go to Youtube now and check it out! We’re sure you’ll like it!

Music and sound improvements

We’ve added brand new music for both the Build Mode and the Main Menu, written by our talented Norwegian composer. We’ve also improved things in the sound effects front. We can’t wait to let you all hear how amazing the game sounds now!

What else is being cooked?

Right now we’re working on polishing a few things regarding the tutorial and how the game looks and sounds. We’ll also continue working on some improvements so building kitchens is easier and faster. After we’re done with that it’s time to start implementing some exciting new features, and yes, in case you’re wondering, one of them has to do with fire… 🙂