Development Update #1

The Basic Tutorial is on its way

We’ve started working on a simple tutorial that explains the basics of how to play the game. This one will only teach you to place and rotate machines and how to build a very simple assembly line. More tutorials with advanced features like Order Readers and Programmable Computers will follow.

Environment upgrades

The kitchens used to look like they were in the middle of a black hole… But that’s no longer the case! We’re working on adding a whole beautiful low-poly city environment around so you don’t feel so lonely.

New designs for some of our machines

We’ve updated the way the Programmable Computer and the Order Reader look, and now they are prettier than ever before!

What else is being cooked?

Soon we’ll have even more exciting news about the development: Right now we’re working on some new environments (including a food truck scenario), support for player-made mods, disasters, new machines and more! Stay tuned!